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From glass blowing and etching to the use of lasers and 3D technology, each Arribas Brothers shop features glass artisans from around the world creating interactive shopping experiences using old and new world tools and techniques.


Our Glass Blowing Artists create glass figurines like these.

The goal would be to have the Arribas Artists create Glass Blown figurines of all the VeeFriends.

Gold, Color, Scenes 

Small, Medium, Large


Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle



Think Minion Logo_Profile_White_V1b.png

Owner at Think Minion

Content Creator / Creative Consultant,

Community Building, Marketing, Podcasts, Video Production, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Animations, Crypto, NFT’s and Web3 Marketing.


TWITTER / TikTok @CowabungaChan

I'm a VeeFriends series 2 holder and C&C card collector, I got to go to VeeCon this year and it was incredible. The people, memories, relationships, the layout, the speakers, GARY VEE making sure everyone felt welcomed and loved.

My VeeFriends NFT Crew!

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Thank you Gary, Andy and Sinan for the opportunity to make this connection.


I want to bring value to VeeFriends and help bring Arribas into web3. This would give me an opportunity to deepen my relationship with the Vayner team. I'd love to document this partnership and show the VeeFriends being created by the Arribas artist. The story telling opportunities are huge here.


This could also open doorways to other opportunities with custom laser glass etching on wine glasses. 

You all are awesome and I appreciate all you do fam, I love you guys!






FlexN' Fox moment of what I've accumulated:

  • VVVVLBC 1/55 Black Hoodie

  • Bullish Bull V1 Holo 1/1 Physical Card

  • Gift Goat V2 NFT #339

  • Earnest Ermine ICONICS Diamond 1/1 NFT

  • Full Pin set including Rare Robot, Gift Goat and TheNational Set (missing a VVVVLBC pin)

  • 20 Hype Horse Super Stickers  /99

  • VVVVLBC Rare Card 347/500

  • Confident Cobra CGC 9 GOO

  • Gary Bee V2 NFT

  • Gary Bee Common PSA 10

  • Earnest Ermine Evolving Pose V2 NFT

  • Flex N’ Fox Gold Figurine /500 (signed)

  • Optimistic Otter Hat

  • VeeCon tie-dye hoodie

  • SEALED Compete and Collect Green Box

  • SEALED UNO packs


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