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Video Editing is absolutely our forte. We have the experience to create the story you want to share with the rest of the world, your team of employees, or just your closest family and friends. Let's work together and create something incredible.

Video Editing

FinalCut Pro7 :: Adobe Premiere

Commercials :: Online Web Videos ::  Email Videos ::  DVD Promos    Infomericals :: Business Marketing Videos :: Music Videos  :: Documentaries

TV Shows :: Movies :: Instructional Videos :: Home Videos

Video Editing Anchor

Telling your story through digital media

Motion Graphics

After Effects CC14 :: PhotoShop CC14 :: Illustrator CC14

Graphics Anchor

Motion Graphics can help get your story across in a fun and creative way. We can create graphic animations that specifically reflect you and your business. Are you constatnly explaining to clients exactly what you do? We can get your information across in a creative way that explains your story in one simple video.




Animation :: Motion Graphics :: Business Flyers :: Company Logos  

Online Marketing Bookends :: Website Design :: Icons :: Branding  

Need a website for your business? We can help tell your story by creating a website that is creative, informational and to the point. Take your business to a whole new level in the digital world of online marketing.

Website Design

We design websites that give you the funtionality you deserve. We are always ahead of the curb.

Website design Anchor
Cad Design Anchor

3D Interactive Mapping

Aerial Cinematography


4k Video with Video Stablization

We are the best aerial cinematography in Central FL. We create unique and professional videos using advanced camera manuevers. Contact us about how you can utilize this brilliant and fun technology.

Augmented Reality

How to use Aurasma:


1. Download the Aurasma App


2. Create an account for FREE


3. Search Thinkminion (all one word)


4. Click on the Bright Blue THiNK MINION Card and hit the FOLLOW button.


5. Point your Device at the Trigger Image and watch the images come to life!

Augmented Reality

We are in Central Florida operating in Downtown Winter Garden


20 South Main Street Suite 240

Downtown Winter Garden FL 34787

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